CowKool International Inc.

J&M Dairy, Elk Grove, CA
"I've never seen a fan that works like this. It still works today as if it were brand new, and we have it since 2003. The cows that are in the pen with the CowKool system act as if it was a nice spring day. Its like the CowKool system basically takes the summer out of dairying. I would highly recommend the CowKool system to any dairy that gets hot summers."

Greenwood Dairy, Orland, CA
"we used half the supportive medicine compared to what we were using before. our death loss went down. In the fresh cows had far less metritis, and the cases we did have responded to treatment better than before. All in all I'd say that we cut our drug use in half and had better success treating the cows than before we installed the system. We're very satisfied with our CowKool system and I would definitely recommend it to any dairymanĒ

Charles Ahlem Dairy, Hilmar, CA
"As we get pretty hot summers here in California we did not see the negative summertime effects on our fresh cows as we previously did. our high cow groups are producing much more milk during the summer than before...itís difficult to isolate the systemís effect alone, but I'm sure the cooling system had a substantial contribution to the increase of milk during the summer months."

Eli Schiller, Kibbutz Givaat Haim Ihud, Israel
ĎWe tried other fans in the past but had a lot of problems. Weíve had our CowKool fans in now for 25 years and what a difference! No other fan that Iím aware of comes close to the quality of the CowKool fan.í

Asor Baheer, Kibbutz Ein Harod Ihud, Israel
'I wish all of the equipment on my dairy was made with the quality of my CowKool System. Iíve had over 25 years of very reliable service with my fans.í

Isac Gal, Kibbutz Ashdot Yaakov Ichud, Israel
'The CowKool fans are by far the best fans that Iíve seen on the market. Iíve had my fans installed over 32 years with very little problems.í

Uri Gil, Kibbutz Bachan, Israel
ĎIíve had my CowKool fans in now for 20 years. Iím now rebuilding all of the barns and will stay with the CowKool System. My summer time milk production is the same as my winter time production. Iíd recommend this system to any dairyman.í

Ossi Dayan, Kibbutz Naan, Israel
CowKool fans installed 32 years