CowKool International Inc.

ck Mega fan (50")
50in diameter (127cm)
6 heavy-duty stainless steel blades for maximum air flow
1 HP (sealed) motor for maximum air velocity (Available in 240v/460v-3phase)

ck 25 (25")
The 1 HP, CK-25 fan offers very cost-effective air velocity and wide area coverage all the way up to 30 feet with minimum power consumption.

ck 22 (22")
The CK-22 high-speed fan is the highest air velocity fan on the market. This is the ideal fan for wide barns! Installed on 30 or even 40-foot centers the CK-22 fan has the power to cool cows at both the feed lane and in their free stall beds very effectively!

ck 20 (20")
CK-20 fan delivers effective air velocity all the way up to 30-feet. Ideal cooling fan for feed lanes!

About the pb series Fans
A unique axial fan, with an external rotor, which makes it better then any other fan.
High quality, high velocity, energy efficient fans backed by a 3-year factory warranty.