CowKool International Inc.

CowKool Control System

The heart of the CowKool System is our advanced Controller.
The Controller allows the system to be adjusted to deliver optimal cooling for any climate condition.

The CowKool Controller allows you to set the system to operate with your specific dairy and climate condition operating parameters. Once set, the CowKool System operates automatically according to the operational parameters set:


  • Duration of misting cycles 
  • Temperature setting to automatically turn the system on and off
  • Humidity setting to disable misting in the event of high humidity
  • *Wind speed velocity to change the direction of the fans
  • *Wind direction speed to adjust the operation of fans in crosswind conditions
    * Available only for CowKool Windtraker Systems

Misting Intervals
The CowKool System uses the concept of ‘wetted forced air – evaporative cooling’ to cool cows (please refer to the CowKool Misting System for more information on this). The misting cycles are set through the CowKool Controller. For ease of operation a simple selection switch on the front of the CowKool Controller allows up to three different misting cycles to be set for changes in climate conditions.

Cooling hours 

The CowKool System is designed to allow you to cool your cows around your specific dairy schedule … i.e. feeding times versus non-feeding times.

Temperature Sensor
The CowKool System is controlled by a temperature-sensor that automatically turns the system on when the user-defined temperature setting is reached.


Humidity Sensor (recommended for areas of high humidity)
An optional humidity sensor  automatically disable the misting feature of the CowKool System when humidity levels reach a (high) user-defined level. Cooling is now accomplished by moving high-velocity air over the cows. When the humidity level drops below the user-defined setting the misting is then re-activated.

Wind speed
In the event of a high crosswind condition an optional wind speed sensor automatically turns the CowKool System in (only) the affected (crosswind) pens OFF. When the crosswind condition goes away and wind conditions return to normal the CowKool System in those affected pens automatically turn back on. This unique feature saves money in wasted energy costs.

Wind direction
In the event that the wind changes direction while the fans are positioned during feeding time to cool the feed lane an optional wind direction sensor automatically repositions the CowKool fans to blow with the wind and not against the wind. This unique feature assures optimal cooling during feeding time no matter what direction the wind is blowing from as well as saves money in wasted energy costs.