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Benefits from cow cooling

Benefits from cow cooling

Using Innovative technology which provides maximum efficiency together with minimum operational costs, the CowKool system significantly reduces the negative effects of summer-time heat stress on cows, in all aspects:

  • Milk production
  • Health
  • Reproduction

As one of our customers from California said:
“its like the CowKool system takes the summer out of dairying”

Milk benefits from cow coolingMilk benefits

The CowKool system "evaporate" the heat stress from the cows, without causing common problems which other cow cooling techniques do, usually stemming from using to much water which cause health problems to the cows as mastitis and feet related problems, as well as ground water pollution.

The CowKool system effectively increase summer-time milk production.
In fact, it does it better than any other system available- with a
99.1% summer/winter milk yielding ratio.

*Based Empirically

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Health Benefits from cow coolingHealth Benefits

Cows that eat more, are stronger cows.

  • prevents all kinds of diseases related to low nutrition.
  • Helps sick cows recover from a disease.
  • Cut down on your supportive medicine amounts.
  • Lowers death loss rate.
  • Does not create new health related problems such as mastitis or hoof disease, which different cooling techniques do.

Reproduction bebefits from Cow CoolingReproduction benefits

Cows that eat more, are stronger cows.

  • Decrease abortion rate
  • Increase conception rate
  • Increase birth rate
  • Lower amount of services