CowKool International Inc.

ck 22 (22")

ck 22
The CK-22  high-speed fan is the highest air velocity fan on the market.  Installed on 30 or even 40-foot centers the CK-22 fan has the power to cool cows at both the feed lane and in their free stall beds very effectively! This is the ideal fan for wide barns!

main characteristics
  • 22 inch (56cm) diameter
  • 2.7-hp motor, 1,400 rpm
  • Air-velocity over 7 mph at 40-ft
  • Air-volume of 9,000 cfm
  • Dual voltage, 220/440v-3phase
  • 3.4 Amps (440v-3phase) 
  • 5.9 Amps (220v-3phase)
this fan is extremely energy efficient.
ck 22 air velocity lab test  ck 22 air velocity lab test