CowKool International Inc.

Cow Cooling is Designed to minimize the economic impact of summertime heat stress in terms of lost milk production and reproductive failure, and generally make happy cows. Based on scientific research, the CowKool system is The most efficient cow cooling system available with a 98.9% summer/winter milk yielding ratio.

CowKool is a
fully automated cooling system with energy-efficient fans and a new cooling concept. A wide range of installation options provide complete cooling solutions for free stall barns, Saudi (desert-style) barns, dry lot dairy operations, and milking parlors.   Patented worldwide.

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"We wanted to see exactly what would the CowKool system do for our dairy...we saw a huge difference! All in all we saw over $100,000 in summer-time income benefits..."
"A heat wave baking California since mid July has killed 25,000..." farms equipped with cowkool were not influenced!
A duel purpose cooling system>
Designed to provide effective and efficient cooling for BOTH the feed lane and the free stall bed/loafing area with only one row of fans.
"The conventional cooling method used in the last decade... creates pollution problems due to the large amounts of water used. Lately, an alternative cooling system was developed combining wetting and cooling the cows along the feeding line by means of low-pressure misters..."
A unique system, designed for optimal feed lane cooling cools the cow from all angels, cover 3 times the surface of a static system- lowers the investment significantly.
A Dual purpose system>
Designed for cooling both the feed lane and the loafing/bed area.
The system doubles the surface area being cooled, and thus lowers the sum invested appropriately.
the CowKool system cools cows without creating any excessive water running on the ground, thus avoid creating the groundwater pollution which is typical to conventional cooling systems.